God is on the move in our churches.

We have been working with congregations and the systems that support them for over a decade to develop this resource. We are seeing congregations develop a new awareness of who God is and become energized by a new imagination for Christian life and mission.


Stepping Out provides you with a way to guide your people through an experience that will deepen their faith and empower them to follow the way of Jesus in all of their living.

This resource can work in a congregation like yours. You can help your congregation to become a more faithful, vital and integrated part of your community AND develop a deeper understanding and experience of what the church is called to be.



Getting started is easy! Everything you need is found in the Stepping Out Portal. With help from the Leader’s Guide invite a group in your church to work through the 4 Core Modules together. These modules are broken down into 15 gatherings that build upon one another. They are grounded in the practice of Dwelling in the Word and include simple rhythms and activities for forming a people on mission. Invite participants to try some simple, yet transformational actions in their everyday lives and share these together as you form disciples for Jesus.


Stepping Out is a resource that fits into the life and rhythms of your congregation.

Use it with any existing group in your congregation. This could be a youth group, Bible study group, governing body, etc., or pull a new group together.

Gather regularly around group rhythms that make sense in your context. Work through the modules with a group that meets a minimum of twice monthly.

Take a break as needed between modules according to the seasons and rhythms of church life.

Use more than once! Start new groups and share leadership with others after you complete your first experience.



When you purchase Stepping Out you gain access to a portal which includes the following:

Key Resources

4 Core Modules which include Leader’s Guides and participant’s handouts

Scripture Practices

Dwelling in the Word Together booklet


Access to growing network of congregations joining God


Access to invite only facilitated webinars and conversations



Empower, encourage and resource your people to join with God in the neighbourhood using these 4 Core Modules.

1. Becoming a people of relationship rather than outcomes

The first module is designed to assist people to take some simple steps in starting with how to build relationships with people rather than think in terms of needing to get something from people or giving something to them. Jesus spent the vast majority of his ministry being with people: sharing stories, building relationships and participating in daily living.

In this module, you will take some simple actions that help you to step into being with others and become people of relationship rather than outcomes.

2. Listening without agenda

The second module builds on the first. We are so conditioned to listen in order to respond rather than to listen in order to understand. Before being able to even begin considering how we join with what the Spirit might be doing, we have to learn how to pay attention to what the Spirit might be doing in the lives of others. The Spirit is not contained in our church building nor limited to working only in the lives of those who are “believers”. So, who are the people in our neighbourhoods? What might they have to tell us? Listening without agenda involves letting go of assumptions and presuppositions and being open to what others may have to tell us because we do not control or contain the work of the Spirit.

In this module, you will participate in some simple listening conversations with people in your neighbourhood.

3. Attending to the stories of people in the neighbourhood

The third module focuses on learning, through the listening, to attend to the stories of the people in our neighborhoods. We have so much to learn about what the Spirit is doing from the people who are not part of the life of our churches. The clues are in their stories. Listening to their stories in order to learn from and them and then sharing that learning with each other will help to reveal what the Spirit is doing ahead of us.

In this module, you will deepen your listening by learning some of the stories of people in your neighbourhood and then share your learning with your group.

4. Discerning what the Spirit might be saying to us

The fourth module focuses on beginning to ask together about how we might be hearing God. The whole point of being with people in the neighbourhood is to learn from them about what the Spirit is already doing so that we can join in. Throughout modules 1-3, you have been stepping out into the neighbourhood in ways that are not typically a part of church life.

In this module, you will take some time to reflect on your experiences in order to wonder about what next steps your congregation might want to consider in this journey of joining God.



Guide the people you serve to step out in faith joining God in the neighbourhood

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about how you can get started in your congregation or with a group of churches in your region.

For your convenience, please feel free to download an overview of Stepping Out and the 4 Core Modules below.