Whole Gospel Living

April 15, 2019By Sara Jane R. Walker

What is the connection between the Great Commission and joining God? This is a question that we hear in all kinds of ways in our work with pastors and congregations. Is joining God some new idea or program? How does it square with our understandings of evangelism or social justice? On April 10th, joined by … Read More

Getting Beyond Ideas: Joining God in the Neighbourhood

February 15, 2019By Fiona Watts

Our congregations, parishes, communities of faith continue to play a vital role in participating in God’s mission bringing wholeness and redemption to the world. Pastors are tasked with the often daunting, but rewarding, responsibility of helping their people discover the ways the Spirit may be nudging them to join God’s work in the world and, … Read More

Congregations Joining God

November 23, 2018By Alan Roxburgh

I want to catch you up on some of the learning we’ve been doing around this journey of joining God. I am seeing a strong push by the Spirit for congregations to re-engage with the mission of God and reimagine church from the ground up. This is happening. I am greatly encouraged by the hope-filled … Read More